torek, 11. december 2007


I was surfing on other blogs and I saw that a lot of people wrote something about their home town so I said to my self that I have to put a few sentences about my home town wich is Solkan.

Solkan is a very nice village near Nova Gorica (I like this fact because I can go to Nova Gorica by walk). The village it self has a population of about 5000 persons I think. It has the famous river Soča and the beautiful Soča bridge. Solkan is older than Nova Gorica. It is first mentioned more than 1000 years ago.

You can do a lot of interesting things here. All the sports connected to the river Soča are very popular. It is a very quiet and friendly place to live so I racomand it to everyone who like peaceful places to stop in Solkan.

This is the URL to the photo of Solkan

ponedeljek, 10. december 2007

I'm back

So here I am again on my blog after probably a month. I had my computer fixed so now I can do all the weekly tasks I hadn't made. Well now is already december and I don't have any much time for doing stuff I like becouse I have to do a lot of things for school. So I have to uninstall the new addition to my PC (Call of duty 4) and got to work real hard. see you soon.

ponedeljek, 15. oktober 2007

How I started to use the INTERNET

I started to use the internet maybe seven, eight or more years ago. I don't know when. I can't remeber it. The only thing I can remeber is that I started to use it at my elementary school in Solkan in Slovenia. I used to surf a lot and watch funny stuff with my school friends.
We used to connect on the IRC and chat with other people. Now I use the internet primarly for school and to download movies and music.

ponedeljek, 08. oktober 2007